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A Logo Redesign for Houzz

The Houzz logo has a new look! Today we are introducing a new, simplified logo. Our “H” is now a house, in a brighter green. You’ll see it on our site and in app stores today.

The design revamps the architectural “H” of our original logo into a friendly symbol that is instantly recognizable. The icon has a distinctive angle to evoke a roofline and reflect how Houzz helps people make a home uniquely their own.

Houzz is now the only place that provides people with everything they need to renovate or design their homes from start to finish – inspiration, talented home professionals and products and materials – so it was time for us to make the Houzz logo synonymous with the home.

You can read more about the redesign here and watch an interview with graphic designer, Paula Scher, who worked closely with our team on the new logo here.

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