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A Master Bathroom Built for Two

Do you and your partner compete for counter space in your master bathroom each morning? You’re not alone. The 2016 Houzz Bathroom Trends Survey found that most homeowners renovating their master bathrooms share that room with a partner (75%). And nearly 40% of master bathroom renovators cite a space that is “easy for more than one person to be in” as the top functional aspect of their upgraded rooms. Given this, many master bathroom renovators are investing to create luxurious spaces that are ideal for sharing.


Nearly three-quarters of renovated master bathrooms include distinct, private areas, making it easier for two people to share the room at the same time. Fully or partially walled-off spaces for showers, toilets and vanities are especially common (47%, 46% and 27%, respectively). Master bathroom renovators also gravitate toward double sinks in their updated rooms (66%), easily accommodating two people at once.


Renovating homeowners are also installing luxury features for two in their updated master bathrooms. One in five master bathroom renovators updating their shower select a dual shower design (21%), and a similar proportion of bathtub upgraders choose a tub with space for two (20%). Additionally, the majority of shower upgraders are supersizing the footprint of their showers (69%) – a third are expanding their shower by half or more (30%).


Beyond establishing spaces easily occupied by two, master bathroom renovators are also creating stylish, beautiful rooms worth lingering in. Four in five homeowners renovating master bathrooms prioritize style and beauty far above all other design aspects, including resale value (81% vs. 48%). To do so, homeowners are investing in upgrades of major features, including faucets/plumbing fixtures (94%), wall finishes (92%), flooring (91%) and countertops (89%).

Nine in ten homeowners change the style of their master bathroom during their project (90%), gravitating toward contemporary, modern or transitional styles in their upgraded rooms (27%, 17% and 16%, respectively). Given how infrequently these rooms are renovated, homeowners tend to choose neutral palettes that stand the test of time, such as gray walls and floors (29% and 26%, respectively), and white countertops and cabinets (36% and 34%, respectively).

For more insights from the 2016 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, check out the full report here.

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