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A New Advice Column for Houzz’s Community of Home Pros

Chelsea Coryell has been helping home design professionals grow their businesses for more than a decade. Now, the Washington-based interior designer and coach behind training program Design for a Living is sharing her extensive expertise with Houzz’s pro community in a new regular advice column.

So far, “Designing a Business” has covered everything from how home pros can know when it’s time to hire (“Starting your own business is a dream come true for some people, but the ‘solopreneur’ route can get old fast”) to the best ways for pros to structure their pricing (“there’s a fine line between underselling yourself and your services to attract more clients and raising your rates too high and scaring off potential customers”).

In the months to come, Coryell is eager to keep putting her years of experience to good use tackling any other questions pro users may have, whether they’re just starting out in the industry or seasoned veterans. Look for Coryell’s latest columns in our Pro Newsletter, on the Designing a Business topic page and on our For Pros page, and submit your own questions to, attention: Chelsea Coryell.

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