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A New, Old Home in Palo Alto

When we moved into our 10,000 square foot office space in downtown Palo Alto in May, 2013, it seemed enormous – we were used to our cozy, startup quarters. Even though it was our third office in two years, we thought we would be able to comfortably call it home for a while. Little did we know that the huge space would quickly come to feel snug as we filled it with amazing new Houzzers. To accommodate our team’s continued growth, half of us moved back into our beautiful “old” space across the street last week.

For those of us who were here before, it does feel a bit like coming back home. In true Houzz style however, the office has been redesigned and decked out with home-themed conference rooms: a wine cellar, cozy study, laundry room, patio, living room and dining room. Of course, all of the rooms were furnished from the Houzz Marketplace. Here’s a peek into our “new” space… we’re pretty sure our friends across the street are especially jealous of the wine room!

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