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Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner in the Houzz

With a team that’s over 50% female, we’re no stranger to a room full of talented women, but last night we had a truly full Houzz when we welcomed nearly 100 female technologists as part of Bay Area Girl Geek’s popular dinner series. Our co-founders (and married couple) Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen were our speakers for the night and shared some lesser known facts about themselves, our product and the journey we’re on at Houzz. Some highlights include how Adi and Alon met on a 15-hour bus ride in Thailand, how the Houzz site has evolved from its early black background into the simple, beautiful site of today, and how recruiting the right people has maintained our family culture as we’ve grown to a team of 400-strong.

While we had plenty of food, photo booth fun and raffles, the best part of the night for our team was meeting other incredible women in tech.

We hope Bay Area Girl Geek Dinner will visit us again soon!

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