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Celebrating the Future of Architecture at the AIA National Convention

Houzz was excited to be a part of the 2015 American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Convention in Atlanta where we honored the winners of the Future of Architecture (FOA) contest and showcase. In his keynote speech, AIA CEO Robert Ivy spoke to a packed house of 5,000 AIA members about the impact of the FOA program and our partnership, which aims to bring greater exposure to new architects, and a greater appreciation of strong design to our communities. Houzz and the AIA also celebrated the five FOA contest winners at an awards ceremony held at the Houzz booth, which buzzed with activity during the convention.


In addition to celebrating the FOA winners, Houzz hosted a lively panel discussion with new and seasoned architects about the future of architecture. The panelists discussed the urban and suburban issues facing architects and communities today, the new skills and interdisciplinary experience architects now need to build a successful practice, and how Houzz has transformed the way residential architects practice their craft.


Check out the entire FOA showcase on Houzz here.

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