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Dedicating Space to Work From Home

As we saw from the viral video of Professor Robert Kelly—whose daughter hilariously danced her way into his TV broadcast interview—creating a space to productively work from home requires a number of thoughtful considerations. Houzz conducted a series of polls with more than 900 responses from our community of homeowners and home pros to find out what makes for the perfect working from home space, as well as top challenges to skipping the office.


From converted linen closets, to loft spaces, to dual-purpose guest bedroom/offices, 84% of respondents have a dedicated space for working from home. When asked what element is most important to being productive in their home office, 31% said they need a comfortable desk and chair, followed by 27% who require a door for privacy and 17% who prefer a quiet location away from living areas and kids’ bedrooms. Good lighting and storage space are also important considerations (10% and 9%, respectively).


Houzzers identified a number of pet peeves associated with setting up shop in their homes, including interruptions (45%), too much clutter due to a lack of storage (21%) and sharing space with others (9%).

Check out home office inspiration here and the most popular desks, chairs organizers and more, here.

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