Houzz Australia Goes Gaga Over Rubber Duckie Day

Rubber duckies have a special place in the hearts of Houzzers. What started as a small installation that entertained our engineering team in Palo Alto has grown into a feathered phenomenon, with duckies now decorating the desks of Houzzers around the globe. When International Rubber Duckie Day rolled around recently, the team at Houzz Australia took the opportunity to let their creativity take flight, designing personalized odes to our beloved birds.

Here are a few photos from the day:

The glitter was plentiful as the team flocked together to design their den of ducks.

Some Houzzers had a clear direction…

…while others simply winged it.

A tribute to the late David Bowie (created by Houzz Australia editor Jenny Drew) and a fluffy version of Donald Trump (by Community Manager Luke Buckle) were definite standouts of the day!

Perhaps the true testament to the team’s creative talents was how seamlessly a special visitor fit into the scene.

Check out the story behind the Houzz rubber duckie tradition here.

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