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Houzz Brings Augmented Reality to Home Design and Shopping

Ever have trouble visualizing what a new piece of furniture will look like in your house before you buy it? Houzz has launched View in My Room 3D within our app for iPhone and iPad to help you find the best products for your home. With View in My Room 3D, people can now preview over 300,000 furniture and decor products from the Houzz Shop in 3D, within their own homes, before they buy. The 3D models on Houzz include materials and textures, so that shoppers can see realistic surfaces rather than just shapes, helping them to pick the best products for their space.

View in My Room 3D is the work of Houzz’s in-house team dedicated to applying the latest in visual technologies, including visual search and augmented reality, to the home design and shopping experience. Led by Sally Huang, the team is comprised of engineers and artists, many of whom have 3D graphics experience from the video game and visual effects industries. You can learn more about Sally and her experience building View in My Room 3D here.

To use View in My Room 3D, simply tap the “View in My Room 3D” button on a product page for any 3D-enabled product to launch your device’s camera and see the product in your home. You can read more about the feature and check out a demo here.

The Houzz app, updated with View in My Room 3D, is available to download on the Apple App Store℠.


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