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Houzz + Furnishing Hope

At Houzz, we know that design is about more than nice walls and furniture. The design of a home can influence an individual’s well-being, and cultivate an environment that feels happy and safe for them and their family. This belief is echoed in our passion for giving back to our local communities.

Since 2016, we have been partnering with Furnishing Hope, a non-profit organization that creates much needed nurturing environments for families as they transition to independent living. Together, we have focused on assisting families in crisis, including those transitioning from homelessness and escaping domestic abuse. In 2018 alone, we furnished homes for more than 100 families in Palo Alto, San Diego and Orange County. Through a combination of Houzz product donations, financial grants and employee volunteers, we transformed empty spaces into cozy, safe homes and new beginnings for each family.

As one family said, “This means more to us than I can put into words. It’s the difference between a house and a real home. A real, normal home where my girls can feel safe and secure. They will be so proud to invite their friends over! This means that when we say, ‘Let’s go home’ we are really going home and we’ll be happy to go.”

Pictured above are a few of our Houzzers along with a recipient family and Furnishing Hope Founder and Executive Director, Beth Phillips. If you’d like to learn more about Furnishing Hope and their work in Southern California, click here.

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