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Houzzer Profile: Clare Ainsworth, Industry Solutions

Clare is a member of the Industry Solutions team in the United Kingdom, helping home professionals to build their brands and connect with homeowners. Outside of work (and when she’s not busy visiting family in Liverpool), Clare enjoys yoga, walking her dog in the park and exploring local museums.

What’s a typical workday like for you? The account management role is relationship-based. Day-to-day, I participate in a mixture of activities that involve looking after my clients – many of whom I’ve developed warm relationships with over the years – and looking after my team. We’re a close knit and collaborative group which makes our work days productive and fun.

What brought you to Houzz? I’ve always loved home design. The feelings of ‘home’ and the sentiment that home is a sanctuary have always resonated for me. I found Houzz through a natural interest for the industry and the timing was right – they were hiring!

How has your role evolved at Houzz? I started as an account coordinator, helping home professionals create their profiles on Houzz. At first, my client communication focused on that initial onboarding assistance, but I found that pros came back to me time and again seeking assistance and advice. When Houzz launched Industry Solutions in the UK and opened an account manager position, I knew that was the role for me!

What is your favorite Pro + feature? My favorite feature is the ability to see which photos performed well over the past month. It offers incredibly useful insight into the community’s tastes, and empowers the pro to provide informed guidance about what is popular and trending in the community during conversations with their clients.

What do you like most about your job? I really enjoy the relationships I’ve built with my clients, and watching their businesses grow and develop. One pro was originally part of a two-person team and in the two years since they’ve been on Houzz, their team has grown to 16 people! Houzz, and the features provided through Industry Solutions, helped them to expand their business.

What’s something that has surprised you about working at Houzz? I was pleasantly surprised by the genuine passion my team has for Houzz. Everyone cares and constantly looks for ways to improve – whether individually, as a team or as a company.

What qualities best reflect the Industry Solutions account team? Persistence, resilience and resourcefulness. We’re a very consultative team and we look for ways go above and beyond for our clients to make their lives easier. You also have to genuinely like and care about people so that you can build real relationships with your clients. Come holiday time, it’s not unusual for our team to receive cards and gifts from the happy pros we have helped!

How have you used Houzz at home? My flatmates and I have a shared ideabook where we constantly collaborate on design ideas for our house. When working on home projects with other people, a shared ideabook is the easiest way to communicate with each other. I also have my dream home fully planned out – now to buy my own place!

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