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Houzzer Profile: Danielle Clennar, Industry Solutions

A member of our Industry Solutions team, Danielle helps companies in the home design industry to connect with homeowners. She hails from our Asia Pacific headquarters in Sydney, Australia, and enjoys traveling, hitting the beach and planning where she’ll find a delicious bowl of pasta!

What brought you to Houzz? I was looking for a new and exciting challenge and a friend who was working for Houzz at the time, spoke very highly of his experience. He made an introduction to another member of the team so that I could learn more about the role, and the rest (as they say) is history!

What do you do at Houzz? I work with companies in the home design industry to identify which audiences they are trying to reach. That way, we can create digital marketing solutions that expand the recognition of their company and connect them with homeowners in a meaningful way.

What do you like most about your role? I’ve always been a people person. I thrive off of good conversations and relationship building and that’s what initially drew me to the Industry Solutions team. Houzz created a great foundation for me to develop fundamental professional skills in that role. Now that I have transitioned from working with home professionals to working with brands, I love that I have the opportunity to strengthen these skills further as I’m exposed to national and international businesses. I’m extremely grateful for the growth opportunities I’ve had.

What is your favorite Houzz feature? The Color Picker Tool where users can identify similar paint colors from any item seen in photos on Houzz. This is an amazing product for both consumers and brands, and just a sample of our innovative technology!

What’s something that has surprised you about working here? You hear everyone say it, but it really is the people that surprise you the most. I’ve worked at other organizations which felt like a tight-knit family at the time, but this is on another level! It’s a really supportive working environment.

What advice do you have for others looking to start their careers? Find your niche, develop your style and be creative in your pitch. If you can find a way to relate, be authentic and work hard, it’ll pay off!

What is your most productive time of day? Mid-morning, once my morning coffee takes full effect!

How have you used Houzz at home? I moved to a new apartment when I first started at Houzz, so the timing was uncanny. I found great inspiration for my home on Houzz!

What is your favorite decor style? I live at Bondi Beach, so my style is best described as coastal.

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