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Houzzer Profile: Shelly Gans, iOS

Based in our Tel Aviv office, Shelly works to ensure our iOS community has the best possible mobile experience. Outside of work, she enjoys walking her dog, Chuck, going to the beach, hiking, cooking and traveling to new places.

What do you do at Houzz? In my role at Houzz, I’m continuously testing our app for the iPhone and iPad and working with our developers to create the most functional, intuitive and enjoyable mobile experience possible.

Why did you decide to work in quality assurance? I originally worked in customer support, where I gained some experience in product testing. One of the developers I worked with thought I had a knack for quality assurance, and I liked the idea that my work could impact product development. I decided to go back to school to learn more about QA, as it is known in the industry, and ultimately chose to pursue it as a career.

How did you hear about Houzz? A previous colleague told me about Houzz, so I downloaded the app and thought it was amazing! As I learned more about Houzz as a company, it felt like joining a family, which was a big advantage over other companies I’d researched at the time.

What Houzz project are you most proud of? View in My Room 3D is an amazing feature within the Houzz app that allows you to virtually place furniture and other products in your home before you buy. It puts Houzz at the forefront of innovation and technology and I’m proud to be a part of the team that’s making it a reality for our community.

What is it like working with other teams at Houzz? Beyond the iOS team, I work with the design team and other developers at our HQ in Palo Alto. I’m impressed by everyone’s drive and motivation to create the best possible product.

What’s your favorite part about working at Houzz? What excites me most about working for Houzz is the fact that I have responsibility over an app that is used by and impacts millions of people. It’s a huge honor and something that makes me very proud. I also love my team. We work well together because we have great communication – the key to a successful work environment!

How do you use Houzz in your own life? The stories and advice sections are my favorite aspects of Houzz, especially the Houzz Tours and articles about pets. I find it fascinating to learn about how people incorporate unique designs into their homes and often share these stories with my interior designer and architect friends.

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