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Houzzer Profile: Tahera Christy, Industry Solutions

Tahera is a member of our Industry Solutions team, helping home professionals build their brands and connect with homeowners. Based in Orange County, Tahera keeps very busy when she’s not at the office. She loves karaoke, roller skating, going to amusement parks, taking day trips to the beach, having dinner dates with her husband and watching her kids’ sports activities.

What do you do at Houzz? I help home remodeling and design businesses, large and small, to best represent their specialties through Houzz profiles, and connect with homeowners who are eager to complete their home projects.

How did you first hear about Houzz? I attended an Open Houzz recruiting event to learn about the company, meet the team and understand available career paths. I felt like I was able to interview Houzz as much as they were interviewing me. It gave me a great first impression and I’m thankful to be a part of the Houzz family.

What brought you to this career path? Sales has always been a part of my life. In fact, I started selling newspaper subscriptions door-to-door when I was 15 years old. I enjoy being able to work with a product and service that I truly believe in and my clients appreciate the genuine passion that I have for Houzz.

What is your favorite Pro + feature? Every home improvement and design company has seasons where they need extra help to find new clients and times when they are very busy and need space from new requests. We offer customized packages to home professionals that help meet their business goals.

What do you like most about your job? I love the ability to help home professionals on Houzz to achieve their business objectives. One of my design-build clients connected with a homeowners on Houzz for their largest project ever. They told me that this was a life and career changing event! I am happy to have a role in making a difference in the lives of the professionals that I serve.

What’s something that has surprised you about working at Houzz? I was surprised by how much I like coming to work every day. Don’t get me wrong, we work hard and it can be challenging at times, but I’ve never had more fun being myself and working with customers at any other job in my career. I appreciate the support and encouragement of my co-workers and leadership teams.

How has your role evolved from when you first started? When you first start at Houzz, you are grouped with other new Houzzers in the “GreenHouzz”. This is like a boot camp to help you get up to speed on the Houzz process. It was nice to have people to grow with and the program provided such a supportive and fun environment, as well as an amazing way to connect with co-workers who have now become friends.

Are you a morning person or an afternoon person? I am definitely a morning person! My official bedtime is 8:30pm.

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