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How to Use the Latest Ideabook Features for Pros: New Ways to Save and Organize

You may have noticed that we recently updated Houzz ideabooks, making them an even more powerful tool for pros and their clients. Here are some of the key new features and how to use them:

Based on community feedback, we added a universal Save button to every area of Houzz, so you can now save more than photos to your ideabooks.

– Save specific discussions and articles so they’re easy to find and reference anytime. Discussions and articles are presented in the same “card” format as photos, with the title and topic prominently displayed.

– Homeowners can now save specific pro profiles to ideabooks. At the top left of every pro profile, just below the profile photo, is a Save button that enables homeowners to save pro profiles directly into an ideabook, making it easy to find the pros they want to contact when they are ready to hire.

It’s easier than ever to order and reorder the content in ideabooks. Simply drag and drop any piece of content to the spot you want it. Use the Organize feature to move multiple pieces of content all at once within an ideabook, move items to a different ideabook or delete them.

You also can save files and documents into your ideabooks for easy access, including:

 – Project schedules. Add and delete your latest schedules for easy reference.

 – Receipts. If your clients purchase products on their own, they can upload them to ideabooks and make it easy for you to add to your budget tracking.

 – Photos you take with your smartphone. Use the Houzz mobile app to seamlessly add photos you take when you are out on job sites, visiting showrooms or at the clients’ home. Or upload photo files from your computer.

Save photos and products from around the web with the new Browser Extension for Chrome.

– After installing, you’ll see the Houzz icon appear when you mouse over any photo on any website.

– Click on the Houzz icon anytime you want to save something to Houzz. You’ll be prompted to choose the ideabook to save it to.

– And of course you can use our Sketch tool to annotate any images in your ideabook, whether you uploaded them or found them on Houzz. Just click on the pencil icon to launch the tool.


Thanks to our community for all the great feedback that helps us continue to create and improve tools like these on Houzz.

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