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Introducing the Houzz Affiliate Program

We’re excited to introduce the Houzz Affiliate Program, which provides partners with the opportunity to earn a commission on sales referred to Houzz via their website, social media, or blog.

By joining the program, affiliate partners:

– Earn an outstanding commission on all 10M+ products in the Houzz Shop (coupon codes excluded)

– Receive weekly newsletters highlighting new brands, products, and offers

– Get unique creative content including banners, ad units and more

In addition to earning affiliate revenue, partners receive a dedicated program manager and a comprehensive portal which allows them to track statistics and performance – 24 hours a day.

How it works:

1) Find a great product on Houzz


2) Get your unique code or tracking link


3) Use the link in your website or blog


4) Collect your commission


To learn more or to join the Houzz Affiliate Program, go to

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