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Life at Houzz Through the Eyes of Our Interns

Our Orange County office welcomed a talented group of interns to support our growing Industry Solutions and Marketplace teams over the summer. As they prepared to head back to school, they reflected on their experience, sharing what they learned during their internship and their favorite thing about Houzz.

Alex Lee (Design) What I learned: I learned to think outside of the box. My team always encouraged me to go beyond the limits of what I thought was possible to develop the most creative design work. In doing so, I’m able to create the best designs and explore all potential creative opportunities.

Favorite thing about Houzz: I would definitely have to say the people! Everyone at Houzz, but especially my team, are kind, supportive, and driven individuals who are always looking to be the best versions of themselves.

Thomas Yee (Billing Operations) What I learned: Through the projects and work that I have done over the course of my internship, I expanded my knowledge and learned two new financial platforms. I also got to see how an entire workplace synchronizes and operates in tandem. I am grateful that Houzz gave me the opportunity to work on projects that are interesting and influential. Through this internship, I solidified that I am on the right career path.

Favorite thing about Houzz: The best part about my time at Houzz has been getting to know all of my coworkers and fellow interns on different teams. The fun and welcoming environment created by my fellow Houzzers is second-to-none and I quickly bonded with everyone that I met!

Cam Haslam (Recruiting) What I learned: From this internship I learned the importance of mentorship in your career. My team invested so much time and energy each day to help me grow as a professional. I now know how important it is to find people who have knowledge in your field and learn from them.

Favorite thing about Houzz: The people! Houzz has a great team culture and strives to create an inclusive workplace; as an intern or new hire you feel like an important part of the team on day one.

Bethany Branderfino (Data Analytics) What I learned: Every week I was tasked with a data set larger than I’d ever worked with and I had the opportunity to test and expand my skills.

Favorite thing about Houzz: My team was so amazingly sweet and they were always happy to answer my questions. It’s a combination of challenging projects and a great support system that made this internship a wonderful experience.

Thomas Szczeblowski (IT) What I learned: I learned something new everyday. Each member of my team was open to helping me learn about devices and software, but they also taught me to have fun at the same time.

Favorite thing about Houzz: Everyone is family. From the first week of my internship, everyone was friendly and helpful. Houzz not only gives you valuable knowledge and practical skills which you can use in the real world, but does so in the most fun and exciting way possible to make you feel like part of the family.

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