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Maximizing Space in Small Homes

Given the popularity of photos and stories related to small spaces on Houzz, we surveyed our community* to find out how people living in small homes use creative decor and storage options to make their homes feel more spacious.

Considering that the two most popular characteristics of small home interiors are lots of natural light (57%) and easy access to the outdoors (54%), it seems homeowners incorporate external factors into their design decisions to give their homes a bright and airy atmosphere. Of those who upgraded their homes in the past two years, nearly one-third renovated outdoor spaces (30%) and more than a quarter created an open floor plan (26%) to extend their living areas.

The survey found that homeowners also choose room-defining area rugs (48%), limit the number of furniture pieces in each room (36%) and add mirrors (35%) to optimize their space. Many homeowners reduce clutter in their small homes by putting their stuff in exterior storage areas, like garages (44%), basements (34%) and yards or other outdoor spaces (31%).

While certain tasks, like storing things or hosting visitors, may be more challenging in small homes (as reported by 60% and 55% of homeowners), the above solutions show that there are many ways to live comfortably in a small space. In fact, nearly two in five homeowners report that their home is just the right size for their needs (39%). Furthermore, more than half say that relaxing and keeping spaces clean are especially easy in their small home (58% and 42%, respectively).

Additional findings are below and you can browse a collection of small space decor solutions from the Houzz Shop here.


*Houzz survey of more than 200 members of the U.S. Houzz community who stated that their home is smaller than the average size of homes in their area and is 1,000 sq. ft. or less, was fielded in October 2017.

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