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Meet the Designer: Lisa Samuel, Samuel Design Group

Lisa Samuel from Samuel Design Group is the interior designer behind the beautiful renovation of in the latest My Houzz episode, featuring Neil Patrick Harris. Here, Lisa shares her design philosophy, favorite design elements from the My Houzz project, and more.

What is your design philosophy? My design ‘feelosophy’ (my word) is that a space must evoke a positive emotion to be successful.

What trend are you most excited about right now? I love timeless, edgy and surprising interiors, and am not particularly interested in trends.

What do you geek out on when it comes to design? Hands down, it’s finishes and how to put them together.

What’s your favorite building or space in the world? Notre Dame du Haut. It’s a Roman Catholic chapel in Ronchamp, France.

What did you enjoy most about this particular project? I most enjoyed connecting with Neil and getting inside his head to help put together the space for Brian. Collaborating with Solange on outdoor space and seeing our vision come alive was also a highlight!

What was the biggest challenge during this project and how did you solve it? The biggest challenge was the non-connection between kitchen space and family room. I solved it by adding an interesting sculptural wall that you can see through.

What is your favorite element in the space from this project? I have a few – the wall between the kitchen and family room, the fireplace and the outdoor deck.

When you’re not designing, where can you be found? Spending time with my husband and family, meditating or practicing yoga, writing and learning!

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