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New Bedroom, New Style

It’s out with the old and in with the new style when it comes to master bedroom upgrades, according to the 2015 U.S. Houzz Bedroom Trends Study. Before our master bedroom renovating and decorating projects, most had a traditional style or no particular style at all (64%). Post-updates, most of us opt for transitional, contemporary or modern styles (45%).


Bigger is better when it comes to our updated master bedrooms and their closets. Of those of us  renovating our master bedrooms, one in five is expanding its size (21%), and more than half of our closet upgrades involve an increase in square footage (59%). One-third of updated master bedroom closets are growing by 50% or more!


When it comes to decorating, the majority of us are using small décor accessories to update our rooms (76%), yet half of us are also replacing furniture (49%), and a third of us are updating our beds (37%). One in five new beds is a platform (23%), with standard and sleigh beds following as the next most popular styles (15% and 13% respectively). Examples of platform beds available for purchase on Houzz can be found here.


To further customize our beds, many of us are accessorizing them with accent pillows – many, many accent pillows. Forty percent of our beds will have five or more decorative pillows once our master bedroom updates are complete!

Check out the full 2015 U.S. Houzz Bedroom Trends Study for more details from the report. And if you have products you’d like to see featured on Houzz, contact

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