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Putting Relationships to the Test with Home Projects

With the holiday of love upon us, we surveyed our community* to find out what it’s like to remodel, redecorate or build a home with your significant other. The 2018 Houzz Remodeling & Relationships Survey found that more than half of respondents claim it was a collaborative and fulfilling experience (59% and 53%, respectively). But for some, love and home projects are like oil and vinegar, with one third finding the process frustrating (33%). Seven percent even considered separation or divorce during the project. That may sound shocking, but we’re happy to report that it’s quite an improvement from the 12 percent we found in our 2015 survey!


One in five respondents took issue with their significant other’s decorative items (18%). The most offensive items were posters and other artwork (52%), sports memorabilia (24%), childhood toys and mementos (24%) and homemade art (18%).


Nearly a third of respondents found the biggest challenge to be agreeing on products, materials and finishes (30%), followed by communication (29%), sticking to the budget (25%) and agreeing on style and/or design (25%).

So how can you overcome these challenges? The biggest piece of advice from those who’ve been through a home project with a significant other is to compromise (34%). Other solutions include gathering pictures and ideas from Houzz (31%) and getting advice from home professionals (29%).


Despite the challenges, a resounding 96% of respondents say the result was worth the effort. Seven in 10 report feeling more comfortable (70%) and 57 percent are happier at home following the project. Sixty-four percent say they spend more time together in their homes, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

* Houzz survey of more than 1,300 people who have remodeled, redecorated or built a home with their partner or spouse, was fielded in January 2018.

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