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Saori Casey Named to Houzz’s Board of Directors

Today we announced that Saori Casey has joined our board of directors. Saori is Houzz’s first independent board member and second female director alongside Houzz CEO and cofounder Adi Tatarko. 

A seasoned executive, Saori brings more than 25 years of experience in the high tech, consumer and enterprise industries, spanning hardware, software, services/SaaS, and e-commerce. She has spent the past eight years at Apple where she leads the financial forecasting, planning, and the earnings reporting and analysis cadence and is responsible for developing the financial outlook for the company.

Saori also brings a wealth of experience supporting the CEO, CFO and Apple’s board of directors meetings as well as the Audit and Finance, and the Compensation Committees. Prior to her role at Apple, Saori was a VP and divisional CFO at Cisco Systems where she spent 15 years in a wide variety of business areas.

We’re thrilled to welcome Saori to the Houzz family!

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