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Spooky Home Survey

Just in time for Halloween, we asked Houzzers what creeps them out the most about their homes and apparently our homes can be pretty scary! A whopping two-thirds (77%) admit to getting spooked while home alone and nearly a quarter admit that an adult in their home sleeps with a nightlight.

So what scares us? Howling wind tops the list of noises that give people the heebie-jeebies (28%), followed by closely creaking floorboards (26%). Break-ins are our greatest fear, even more so for those of us in urban (54%) and suburban (53%) areas versus those of us in rural neighborhoods (46%). Fires (35%) and spiders (24%) also top the list of fears. Of all the spaces in the home, the backyard at night is considered the spookiest (39%), while many Houzzers are also haunted by the garage (24%), basement (23%) and attic (19%).

The whole survey wasn’t meant to fright, as we also asked Houzzers to tell us how they decorate for Halloween. Nearly three quarters decorate for the holiday, with those of us in suburban areas more likely to decorate (82%) than our urban (69%) and rural (67%) counterparts. Favorite decorations are pumpkins (76%), lighting (61%), candles (60%), carved pumpkins (57%), spiders (54%) and cobwebs (43%).

You can read more about what Houzzers told us here.

*The Houzz spooky home survey was conducted in October, 2014 and had more than 800 respondents.

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