Team Building at the 2017 Houzz Retreat

Every year, Houzzers at our HQ in Palo Alto take a break for an offsite retreat. With more than 200 people and growing in the Palo Alto office, it’s a tradition that helps to foster our sense of family.

The offsite this year was all about friendly and fun competition with Houzzers randomly assigned to 14 teams competing in games like beach volleyball (with your wrists tied to another person!), speed pictionary, costume races and lawn skiing.

Here are a few of our favorite photos from the day:

Team blue at the ready!

Team pink coordinating steps to “ski” to the finish line before their opponents.

This rowdy game of “Wizards, Giants and Elves” takes inspiration from “Rock, Paper, Scissors” and tag.

Houzzers take competition seriously, but know how to have fun, too!

“Speed dating” to get to know more about fellow Houzzers.

Bonding with old friends and new at a family-style lunch.

Houzzers also bonded over activities like jenga, ping pong, flower crowns and corn hole.

Showing off flower crowns.

Team selfie

The winning team (by 2 points!)

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