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Transitioning From Large Companies to Startups

Recently, our engineering team hosted a meetup at our headquarters in conjunction with the San Francisco Engineering Leadership Community (SFELC) for engineering leaders across the Bay Area.

A panel of representatives from Houzz, Robinhood, Lime, DoorDash and Co Leadership, discussed the transition from large companies to startups. Panelists agreed that scrappy startups optimize for vision, agility and quick execution. With fewer stakeholders, smaller companies can make decisions quickly and try different approaches until they find the solutions that work best. You can watch a video of the panel at this link.

Here are a few photos from the event:


The panel included engineers from Robinhood, Lime, Houzz and DoorDash.


It was a packed house for the event!


Houzzer Jerry Krikheli answered one-on-one questions with attendees after the panel.


Guests mingled and got to know each other.

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