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Updates to the Houzz Trade Program

We launched our trade program last April, and are humbled by the response from tens of thousands of interior designers, kitchen and bath pros, architects and contractors who have enrolled and are taking advantage of the various program benefits.

Since the launch, our teams have been listening to feedback from our trade community – what they love as well as the constructive criticism – and have been hard at work improving the program to better meet the needs of our trade professionals. We’re also looking at ways to expand the program, including an affiliate program for enrolled professionals.

Here are some of the priorities based on your feedback:

 – Bigger selection of products with discounts of 25%+ to support the profit goals of designers where markups are a key part of their revenue and profit.

 – The addition of trade-only products, giving our pros exclusive access to high-quality products only they can provide to their customers.

 – More Houzz-exclusive products. We’re using our global footprint to source on-trend products from Europe that are exclusive to Houzz – everything from vanities to lighting.

 – Increased the percentage given in Houzz credit from 3 to 5% on products where we don’t yet offer a trade discount effective as of today. We know designers may have other resources at this time where they can source at a discount, and that’s great. For those who don’t, we want to provide this credit as a start on products when we do not have trade pricing available.

 – Expanded Trade Account team. Our designer community tells us time and again that if we can help with sourcing and managing orders, that helps their bottom line. We have tripled the size of this team and are continuing to grow it in order to provide pros with dedicated support.

For designers who prefer to have their clients purchase products available at retail, we will continue to provide two ways to benefit from suggesting those clients buy on Houzz.

– First, designers can save products to ideabooks and share them with their clients. When the client buys, the designer earns 10% in credit on Houzz. The Trade Account team can also work with those clients to make sure the purchase goes smoothly.

– Second, designers and other trade program members can send clients a referral code. When clients buy, the designer earns 5% in credit on Houzz and client saves 5%. Some designers like doing this as a thank you to clients once a project has been completed.

We value your feedback so please keep the requests and ideas coming. You are helping us to build and evolve the program, to make it a powerful resource for the greatest number of trade professionals on Houzz.

What would you like to see in the Houzz trade program? Please reach out to us at

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