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Watch My Houzz: NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving Renovates his Father’s Home

In time for Father’s Day, check out the latest episode of My Houzz here, featuring NBA All Star Kyrie Irving as he secretly renovates his father Drederick’s home in West Orange, New Jersey, where Kyrie and his sister Asia grew up.

Kyrie, with the help of Asia, worked with a New Jersey-based designer from the Houzz community to pull off the surprise remodel. He used Houzz at every step of the process, from finding a local professional with great reviews to sharing ideas for his father’s home with the designer and Asia to buying all of the furniture and accessories from the Houzz Shop. The end result is a more open, functional and beautifully updated space.

You can shop the finished look here and check out the ideabooks Kyrie used for inspiration on his Houzz profile.

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