Be My Renovation Valentine

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we asked our community to tell us about renovating with their significant other. While some U.S. Houzzers found the experience frustrating (41%), difficult (25%) and painful (12%), even more found renovating with their partner to be fulfilling (51%) and fun (46%). Though many have a love-hate relationship during their renovation, nearly everyone reported that in the end, the result was worth the effort (97%).

Top piece of advice for those about to renovate with their partner? Compromise! (48%) This is not surprising considering that less than half of couples see eye to eye on remodeling decisions (47%). One in five disagree on furniture and wall color (both 19%) and nearly the same number have differing opinions on flooring (17%) and decorative accents (16%).

This may be why secrets are prevalent between partners during renovation projects. Nineteen percent make a significant design or purchase decision during the project without telling their partner, 11% withhold the cost of a purchase or service and 9% sneak away from home to catch a little break.

When looking at global results, amour is in the air in France, where couples are most likely to think “we make a great team” during the renovation process (65%) followed by Canada (63%), Sweden and the U.S. (both 62%). The French are also the most likely to sneak away from home to get away during their projects (23%) – perhaps this is the key to a happy renovation!

In contrast, Australians are most likely to think “I may need to break up with or divorce this person (13%), followed by Russians and Brits (both 7%). Those in Germany may face tough love as they’re most likely to throw away something belonging to their significant other (15%).

We’re happy to report that utilizing photos and ideas from Houzz is a key way for couples to resolve/address the challenges they faced during the renovation, second only to compromising. To manage stress during the project, 28% of U.S. couples report that hugging, kissing and being affectionate helped and 14% turn to regular date nights.

What’s more, post-renovation, 67% of couples report feeling more comfortable in their home, 61% feel happier and 53% feel more organized. Nearly a third also spend more time together at home after their project (32%). Now that’s love.

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day and an even happier remodel!

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