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From Dream to Home

Everyone has a dream of how they’d like to live some day.

For many of us, home is a stage for life’s dreams. It’s the stage for building a family, for celebrating with friends, and for making memories. We know that a home isn’t just about the hardwood floors, it’s about the sound two little feet will make on them. It isn’t about the couch, it’s about who’s going to curl up with us. And it’s not about the perfect garden, it’s about the perfect garden party with those we love. We know that designing a home is really about creating the life you want to live with the people closest to you. At Houzz, this is what home means to us.

Houzz founders, Adi and Alon had big dreams for their home, but they found the renovation process too frustrating and fragmented to make those dreams a reality. They soon realized others shared this frustration, too, and built Houzz to help.

This week, we’re rolling out our first-ever ad campaign to celebrate home dreams. From a family imagining their cluttered kitchen as an open, airy space where they can spend time together, to a young couple learning the true meaning of compromise when it comes to decorating their apartment. We hope, like the stories themselves, you’ll be inspired to look beyond what is and imagine what could be.

Welcome home.

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