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Houzz Previews ARCore-Enabled App on Stage with Google

The Houzz ARCore-based Android app was presented on stage today by Google as one of the top apps and experiences built with ARCore, the augmented reality software development kit for Android. Our demo showed how you will be able to bring the showroom into your living room and see how different furniture, accent pieces and more fit into your space. Houzz’s AR tool, View in My Room 3D, will integrate ARCore so that you can place products exactly where you want them in your home, true to scale.

With the initial version of View in My Room 3D, now available in our Android app, you can already preview half a million home furniture, decor and remodeling products from the Houzz Shop in your own home, before you buy – from vanities and light fixtures to sofas and rugs – and see realistic materials and textures. The ARCore-powered experience, which will be available early next year, will make the shopping experience even better.

Houzz was named “Best App” at the inaugural Google Play Awards in 2016. The Houzz app, updated with View in My Room 3D, is available to download on Google Play℠ now, and will be updated with ARCore in early 2018.

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