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Houzz Survey Reveals What Moms Really Want This Mother’s Day

We went straight to the source to find out the activities and gifts that will make moms happiest this Mother’s Day. Here’s what more than 750 moms celebrating this year had to say in our recent survey:

Gifts To Make Mom Grin: More than a quarter of moms (27%) dream of something for the home or garden this Mother’s Day, versus something just for themselves (25%) or something for the entire family to enjoy (20%). Twenty percent of moms don’t want a gift at all! Of those who want something for the home this year, more than one-third (34%) would specifically like an outdoor plant.

If given a free home upgrade for Mother’s Day, more than one-third of moms (36%) would choose a remodeling project, over upgrading their landscaping (17%) or redecorating (16%). Nearly half (48%) of moms craving a remodel would tackle their kitchens.

Mom-Approved Activities: If you’re on the fence about whether to celebrate out or at home, you’re not alone – just over half (53%) of moms would prefer to enjoy the holiday at the house. When asked about their ideal activity, a special meal (breakfast in bed or a meal with the family) was by far the top choice for these moms (49%) while only 11% would opt for a day without chores.

For the moms whose perfect Mother’s Day means leaving the house, 38% said they’d also like a meal with their family, while 31% prefer an outdoor activity, such as hiking or a sport. Surprisingly, spa treatments came in at a distant third, at 14%.

Three-in-five moms want to spend the day with their partner and kids alone (59%), compared to 12% who also want friends to join, and 14% who would rather have solo time with the kids, minus their partner. Only 6% of moms want to celebrate with the gift of “me” time.

The biggest takeaway? No matter what you do this Mother’s Day, just make sure to carve out some quality time for your mom.

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