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Landscape Projects Go the Whole Nine Yards

It’s time for a major makeover, according to nine in ten homeowners taking on a landscaping project (88%), as revealed in our 2016 Landscaping Trends Study. The study, of nearly 1,000 U.S. homeowners who are planning, in the midst of, or recently completed an outdoor project, found that while backyards are the primary focus of outdoor projects (75%), many are also tackling their front and side yards (54% and 40%, respectively). It’s not surprising that people are committing to major improvements in their yards, given that nearly half spend six or more hours in their outdoor spaces weekly (48%)!


When it comes to design, complementing one’s home style (46%), outdoor living (45%) and a space that’s stylish and beautiful (43%) are top priorities. To achieve this, three-quarters of homeowners purchase comfort-enhancing products including outdoor furniture (52%), fire pits (36%) and benches (32%), during their projects. Outdoor wall lights, pots/planters, rugs, fire pits and benches were the top five selling outdoor categories on the Houzz Shop in the first 3 months of 2016, with over 140,000 products available for sale in these categories alone. The key to outdoor function is a yard that’s easy to maintain (80%), followed by one that’s easy for the entire family to work, play and/or be in (49%).


The study revealed that pets aren’t just king of the castle, but king of the yard as well. In households where pets are allowed in the yard, 42% make pet-related updates from space to run and play to toxin-free plants. Of those with children or grandchildren under the age of 18, 33% are adding child-related features. Space to run and play tops the list here as well, followed by edible plants.


After the final stones are laid and plants are planted, the majority of outdoor upgraders enjoy their space more than ever. Post-project, homeowners are more likely to rest/relax (75%), garden (64%), entertain (55%) and dine (53%) in their yards.

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