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Watch My Houzz, Featuring Actor Kristen Bell’s Surprise Renovation

We are excited to share the latest episode of “My Houzz,” a video series that follows people as they renovate the home of someone meaningful to them, starring actress Kristen Bell. The episode follows Kristen as she surprises her sister, Sara, with a major basement renovation to create a beautiful, functional space for her and her family.

Kristen used Houzz to pull off the surprise remodel in Michigan from her home in California, including finding a local professional with great reviews, sharing ideas for her sister’s dream home, and buying all the furniture and accessories from the Houzz Shop.

This episode follows the success of the My Houzz pilot featuring Ashton Kutcher, who secretly remodeled the basement of his family home in Iowa. The 2017 series includes five episodes that will premiere in the first half of the year. Each episode documents a well-known, public figure as they surprise a close family member that made a difference in their life with the gift of a renovation, using Houzz throughout their journey.

Grab some popcorn and watch the video here. You can also learn more about the design, shop the look from the renovation and check out Kristen’s Houzz profile.

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